Halloween has always been our favorite holiday. Even before Southie Haunts, we would decorate the front of the house with lights and fog, play spooky music, and dressup to scare trick or treaters. But in September of 2015, we had the crazy idea of turning our two car garage into a haunted house. Having only seen videos of home haunts on the internet, we did our research on how we could pull this off. Only having a short amount of time until Halloween, we put together our first haunt with pallet walls, spider webs, strobe lights, and large scale printed images of skulls. Everybody loved it and all we could think about was what were we going to do the following year. Every year we try to outdo ourselves from the previous year and think of ways we can make it bigger and better. From the spooky spiderwebs, the big bad wolf, and creepy clowns, we love every second of our small home haunt.


We hope to see you on Halloween!